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Ute Indian Tribe

Welcome to Ute Energy; we are the energy development company for the Ute Indian Tribe. The Utes have a tribal membership of 2,970, and over half of its membership lives on the Reservation. They operate their tribal government and oversee approximately 1.3 million acres of trust land. The Utes also operate several businesses, including a Supermarket, Gas Stations, Bowling Alley, Tribal Feedlot, Uinta River Technologies, Ute Tribal Enterprises LLC, and Water Systems. Cattle raising and mining oil and natural gas is big business on the reservation. Water Systems manager provides water and sewer needs for several communities.  For more information, visit: 

Exploration For The Future

Ute Energy Exploration & Marketing

Ute Energy Exploration & Marketing

Mission Statement

Energy is an opportunity, and Ute Energy is uniquely positioned to create value from the energy resources of the Ute Indian Tribe. Our people give us energy to move forward, and we strive to do smart things in smart ways. Sound business practices and strong partnerships energize our success and power our future.

Energy moves us!

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