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Oil and Gas

Energy Moves Us!

Ute Energy's operational structure includes both upstream and midstream business segments, each playing a crucial role in our energy portfolio.

Upstream Operations

Encompasses the exploration and extraction of vital energy resources from beneath the Earth's surface. Ute Energy engages in the participation of over 100 wells throughout the Uintah Basin. 

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Midstream Operations - Pipelines

In the Midstream sector, we play a pivotal role in the efficient transportation and storage of energy commodities. Ute Energy Partners in three major pipelines, Three Rivers, Lake Cayon Gathering, and Unitah Basin Field Services 


Chipeta Gas Facility

The Chipeta Gas Facility is a crucial element within our midstream energy operations. This facility functions as a central hub for the processing and distribution of natural gas.



  • 3 processing/treating plants

  • 790MMcf/d Capacity

  • 76,125 HP compression

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These fundamental business lines establish our diversified energy company. With our steadfast dedication and expertise in each area, we not only harness the energy potential of the Ute Indian Tribe's resources but also ensure their sustainable and responsible management, benefiting both our community and the broader energy industry.

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