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Water Resource Management

Innovation Meets Efficiency

At Ute Energy's Water Resource Management, our expertise and experience drive innovative solutions for efficient water management in oil and gas operations, promoting productivity and sustainability. With cutting-edge technology and environmental commitment, we lead responsible resource management, shaping the industry's future.


Water transfer automation revolutionizes industrial water management through advanced technologies. By automating tasks such as pump activation, flow regulation, and pressure adjustments, human intervention and error risks are significantly reduced, optimizing operational efficiency, enhancing safety, minimizing downtime, and fostering sustainable resource utilization This innovation fosters sustainable resource utilization, paving the way for a streamlined, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious future for global industrial operations.



​Ute Energy is your comprehensive partner in water transfer operations, seamlessly managing every stage from pre-frac to mobilization and from frac operations to demobilization. We ensure a smooth transition throughout the entire process, from planning and preparation to execution and conclusion.

Pre Frac

  • Including Planning

  • Source and storage

  • Identification

  • Layflat and pump design


  • Preparing equipment

  • Site preparation

  • Infrastructure setup

Frac Operation

  • Continuous water supply

  • Pressure management

  • Filtration specifications

  • Monitoring


  • Equipment retrieval pipeline disassembly

  • Site restoration

  • Waste management



Ute Energy is equipped with a comprehensive range of machinery and tools essential for their operations. Their inventory includes a diverse array of equipment such as telehandlers and compact track loaders for versatile handling, a dependable truck and trailer fleet for efficient transportation, as well as specialized water transfer pumps, layflat, and necessary fittings. This comprehensive set of equipment enables Ute Energy to effectively and efficiently undertake a wide array of tasks within the oil and gas industry, showcasing their commitment to operational excellence and reliable service delivery.


In 2023, Ute Energy marked a major achievement, efficiently transferring 17 million barrels of water at rates up to 130 barrels a minute for frac operations. This remarkable feat stands as a testament to Ute Energy's expertise, advanced infrastructure, and commitment to excellence in managing the movement of resources within the complex landscape of the oil and gas industry. Our streamlined processes and robust capabilities highlight our pivotal role in ensuring the smooth flow of essential resources and enhancing industry productivity and sustainability.

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What Sets Us Apart

Ute Energy's mission is to responsibly leverage the energy resources, driven by a vision that balances respect for tradition with a commitment to shaping a progressive future, all underpinned by their core values of respect, curiosity, and integrity.

Contact Us for Your Water Transfer Needs

For reliable and efficient water transfer solutions, trust Ute Energy. With advanced technology and a proven record in the oil and gas sector, we tackle diverse challenges. Our dedicated team ensures smooth operations, offering high-quality service tailored to your needs. Reach out today to discover how we can enhance your success in the industry.

What Is Water Transfer? 

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